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LIGHT L16 Camera- 10.07.15


Light launched the L16 Camera today - a “multi-aperture computational camera that packs DSLR quality and capability into a device that fits in your pocket.” I had the opportunity to get up close with the prototype a few weeks back, and peek at what is actually INSIDE this fascinating camera. The potential is awesome, but i’m definitely curiously skeptical about the “computational camera” aspect. Basically this camera is a collection of 16 cameras in one - all simultaneously shooting an image at multiple focal lengths then fusing the resulting images together for a single image (up to 52 megapixels) which means you have all the data to manipulate the depth of field, exposure, and more after the fact. What Light L16 promises may remind you a bit of Lytro, but what makes it immensely more intriguing to me is the form factor and peeking INSIDE of it! The 16 cameras are supposed to be exceptional for low light and give you the equivalent of 35-150mm true optical zoom.

Aesthetically it resembles something between a large touch screen cellphone and a bluetooth speaker/radio… with 16 eyes staring at you from the glossy face! The size is quite a bit larger than most big screen filled phones. Trading in my DSLR for this form would definitely be quite the adjustment… so the real trick will be seeing not only how it shoots, but how their software works into photographers work flows. To make the most of the Light L16, it’s all about taking advantage of the post processing that is possible in their proprietary file type that houses the immense amount of data captured with each press of the shutter. Of course for quick manipulations or exports you will also be able to send files like jpgs to your phone or laptop for quick sharing. The potential is huge, and i’m definitely excited! Chatting with the Light L16 team, future possibilities were easy to imagine - putting this technology into cars, cellphones, and beyond! The future of the technology side is a no brainer - the user experience of shooting with it, processing/developing images with it, and having it nestle its way into my workflow i’m dying to find out.

Take a peek at the details of what is inside the Light L16 as well as the intro video and how it’s made on the next page!




In real life with a Light L16 prototype - with the expanded battery pack on - more grip and longer battery life! light5.jpg

We were fascinated by the mill patterns of the housing… light6.jpg

… flip it over to see the optimal configuration of 16 cameras packed in there! light7.jpg

Testing it out on Shawn… (their software was still a work in progress at the time) light8.jpg

Close up with all the tiny cameras… light9.jpg

Light L16 is starting their presale today at $1299 for the first month before it bumps back up to full retail at $1699.

See how it’s made!

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It would be nice to hold it first, then feel it and next step would be buying it.
It is somehow hard to believe unless I hold it.
I am looking forward to see it in any photography store.

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