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Unboxing: Parabo Press Engineer Prints- 10.25.15


Parabo Press recently launched from the folks at Photojojo, and of course the whole experience has the same fun, happy vibe. Through an app on your phone, Parabo Press lets you pick phone/instagram photos to turn into things like engineer prints (the big black and white architectural floor plan type pages), risograph prints, newsprint, accordion zines, shaped prints and more. So far my favorite thing to turn phone pics into have been Social Print Studio’s Tiny Books, and with Parabo Press’ unique offerings of larger, lower res prints combined with magnetic wood poster rails, i had to try it! They were nice enough to offer me a $30 coupon, and i just wanted to make something HUGE to see how it all comes out… so found my favorite pic of the NOTFZJ with roof top tent popped open on its first camping trip and turned it into a 3’x4’ engineer print paired with wooden rails.

As for the experience - the app is pretty straight forward (though not as robust as Social Print Studio… yet?) and about 2 weeks after ordering, a fedex arrived direct from Mumbai with print and rails! In those anxious two weeks - i finally told Shawn what i ordered (his inner architecture student came out and reminded me that those are the types of prints we could make easily and quickly!) and i saw far too many DIY Engineer Print options… basically you can get a 3’x4’ engineer print at Staples for about $7! And while doing so much milling and playing with wood while waiting… once they arrived, we were instantly dreaming up other variations of magnetic wood poster rails we could make even from the gorgeous hardwood scraps and lots of rare earth magnets lying around NOTlabs! So all in all - fine, it probably would have been cheaper and faster to DIY for a similar outcome - but it was still fun to have Parabo Press send me down an internet rabbit hole about Engineer Prints and Wooden Rails… and for a customized gift, it’s a nice set up! See all the details and unboxing on the next page!

Here’s the app experience! parabo1.jpg

Into the fedex tube from Mumbai! parabo2.jpg

Bucky was incredible curious… parabo3.jpg

The print is in a super sturdy tube, and in plastic inside of it. The rails - love the fun patterns on both outside and inside of the box! parabo4.jpg

Inside the packaged are also a little note about Parabo Press and a mini found images zine! parabo5.jpg



A close up of the wooden rails - the magnets seem to be glued flush (but exposed) inside the wood and are plenty strong to hold up the paper. parabo8.jpg

We decided to hang it over the vinyl plotter in NOTlabs! A constant reminder of our adventures when we’re home. As for quality - the white border on the left and right are not equal and blowing up the instagram that large it’s definitely pretty funky up close… but from afar it’s a great way to fill up some wall space! parabo9.jpg

… here’s a close up! parabo10.jpg

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