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Gift Guide: Coffee Roaster Merch- 11.18.15


Thinking about genres that are inspiring beautiful graphics and branding… i keep finding myself fascinated by the merch when we pop in to super hip coffee spots… particularly coffee roasters! Sooooo here’s a Coffee Roaster Merch Gift Guide!

I thought about opening it up to all/anything coffee related… but by then you have every coffee shop in the world to comb through, as well as coffee mugs in general, coffee related paraphernalia, tools, gadgets, and the list will go on and on. You might as well add in the world of tea at that point. So coffee roaster merch focus it is! Not that that is even an easy feat. Also the world of coffee packaging is an amazing thing to dive into as well! From beautiful labels to unique packaging to amazing names for special editions… so that isn’t really included here either. But I digress…

This Coffee Roaster Merch Gift Guide is a good go to for your coffee loving friends who are incredibly picky about where their coffee comes from, how it was roasted, AND loves great design. Think gift sets, mugs, apparel, totes, coins, and more. When looking at coffee roaster merch - you will find more old school diner mugs, enamelware camping mugs, and NotNeutral Lino Mugs, and KeepCups than you imagined possible, but the further you look, the more surprises you find too! So far the list is mostly North American, but hey - it’s 2am! - so feel free to suggest more i should check out in the comments, and i might keep growing this guide!

Ready to dive in? Check it out on the next page!

Intelligentsia Coffee - Chicago, IL - So many special 20th anniversary mugs right now! intelligentsia.jpg

James Coffee Co - San Diego, CA - There are even artist collaboration owl t-shirts with Sam Larson! james.jpg

TOMS Coffee - yes from the TOMS Shoes folks. Special edition Chemex! tomscoffee.jpg

Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. - Olympia, WA olympia.jpg

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters - Calgary, AB philsebastian.jpg

Crema - Nashville, TN - Aren’t these Limited Edition Second Hand CREMA Printed Mugs a nice idea? crema.jpg

Cafe Grumpy - New York City, NY (…and yes, that’s a gold tattoo and stuffed toy coffee bean!) grumpy.jpg

Madcap Coffee x Mercy Leather Collaboration - Grand Rapids, WI madcap.jpg

Verve Coffee Roasters - Santa Cruz, CA verve1.jpg

Blue Bottle Coffee - Oakland, CA bluebottle.jpg

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters - Vancouver, BC 49th.jpg

Stumptown Coffee Roasters - Seattle, WA stumptown.jpg

Ok Bear Coast Coffee - San Clemente, CA - may not be a roaster… but these coffee coins are too amazing not to include! bearcoast.jpg

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