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Glossier Packaging- 11.25.15


From beauty blog, Into The Gloss, comes Glossier - a product line! While there are probably millions of beauty products and lines out there… what really made me take the leap to try out their goods are… the PACKAGING! (Yes, packaging totally makes a difference) Also… the whole customer experience and online experience they’ve created. It’s lovely, playful, thoughtful… both online and in your hands!

The Glossier Mask Duo Set is just beautifully put together. A perfect, easy gift for just about anyone! 12 single use face masks and a headband. Who doesn’t need some pampering and forced relaxation between holiday chaos? And the limited edition gift set is inspired by Russel Stover Chocolates - “Whether you’re into chocolate or not, who doesn’t love a good box of candies? The crinkle of the vellum paper. The laser-printed ribbon. The fact that you can share it with friends, colleagues, whomever (but you also don’t have to).” Only, instead of chocolates you get the most adorable dozen blue and green mask PODS! Like nespresso pods… for your face! They would make adorable stocking stuffers on their own… if you could bare to break up the box! Also perfectly purse/travel friendly!

Seriously, from the custom packing tape you cut through to open the box, to the stunning gift set sleeves… to the hefty boxes, velum info sheet, and perfectly cut tray with 12 little glossy pods… it’s a fantastic tactile and visual experience before the products even make it into your bathroom. And the golden tickets - a lovely touch - a secret code in each box to give you… a surprise! Ooh and they even have a video looking at the packaging details of the set! Take a peek on the next page at the Glossier Mask Duo Set and the Glossier Phase 1 Set.

p.s. Here’s a link for 20% off at Glossier

The packaging just makes me HAPPY! Such fun photography too…



… and this video shows it all off nicely - especially how thoroughly they’ve thought through it all.

Diving into the package i received! We’re all snowflakes! glossier1.jpg

… love that they bother to have a splash of color greet you INSIDE the cardboard mailer… and it perfectly fits the gift boxes. glossier2.jpg

… little surprise under it all! glossier3.jpg

Why? Because… and Smile Always! glossier4.jpg

Into the smaller purple box… Glossier Mask Duo Set. There’s the candy inspired vellum paper to tell you what’s what! glossier5.jpg


The nespresso like mask pods!!! They feel so satisfying. And the scored/folded tray they sit in is SO hefty! glossier7.jpg

Tucked beneath is the plush terry headband to complete the set and relaxing experience. glossier8.jpg

Trying the masks… the Mega Green Galaxy Pack is far fluffier and more souffl� like than expected - it feels lovely! And the Moisturizing Moon Mask is SO moisturizing. Both work great on super sensitive skin. glossier12a.jpg

Diving into the Glossier Phase 1 Set… stickers! another golden ticket! and a booklet of their products greet you before two packs containing their Soothing Face Mist, Priming Moisturizer, Balm Dotcom, and Perfecting Skin Tint. glossier9.jpg

Fun - and i like that it’s pretty minimal while still playful. glossier10.jpg


It’s all about the details in the packaging… glossier12.jpg

I’m adoring the packaging most of all - and so far loving the masks. The Glossier Mask Duo Set is a fantastic gift - in both presentation and product - for just about anyone. As for the basic products i’ll give a try for a few more days at least, but so far they aren’t replacing anything in my bathroom… yet.


Ooh and if you’re shopping - Here’s a link for 20% off at Glossier

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