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Marc by Marc Jacobs Googley Eyes- 11.22.15


Wow. What’s black, white, luxurious, and ridiculous? Luxury Googley (Googly?) Eyes for the holidays! Marc by Marc Jacobs has a LOT of googly eyes going on for their Disney Collection - still not quite sure how it relates to Disney (they say it’s Alice In Wonderland inspired)… is it the scene with the flowers? From hoodies to wallets to iphone cases… and of course larger ones for bag charms. So absurd it’s amusing… though you could probably buy MANY plastic/crafty googly eyes and some super glue for the same price as most of these items, it’s interesting to see them glammed up. See the collection on the next page!








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Hi — I just wanted to say thank you for featuring our Marc by Marc Jacobs product on your blog! I’m one of the production managers that worked on a few of the pieces you have up and it’s really exciting to see it on Notcot since I’ve been a fan of this blog for a few years now.


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