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Belcampo Beef Blunts- 03.29.16


On things disguised as other things… while at Belcampo Butcher Shop in Santa Monica, i came across these faux-cigars (in wood box and all) that are 100% Beef Blunts! So of course i had to try one!

They are basically fancy slim-jims? Mini cigar shaped salamis? They are what i imagine our hardcore paleo non-smoking friends will give out at the birth of their kids. take a peek at the details and what’s inside (as well as the lovely Belcampo store!) on the next page.

Stunning tile behind the butcher cases as you walk in! belcampo2.jpg

Half hog getting chopped up… belcampo3.jpg

Cute bacon logos! belcampo4.jpg



As i went to check out - i was too intrigued by this wooden cigar box! cigar.jpg

Here’s what we came home with - some roadtrip/off-roading adventure snacks for the upcoming week! belcampo7.jpg






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