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Unboxing: Malfy Gin con Limone- 03.10.16


Mmmmm… a beautiful press kit just arrived from Malfy Gin, a new spirit from Biggar and Leith. Did you know that Gin was invented in Italy - In the 11th Century?!?!?! Italian monks in Salerno infused alcohol with Juniper berries and gin was born. Over the years, my friends tend to fall in the gin lovers and the not-a-fan of gin folks… Hendrick’s was one of the first to start converting the not-a-fan group (myself included)… but Malfy Gin! It’s so… zesty? refreshing? delicious! Beyond the branding and colors that just scream summer - my first sip tasted like summer too! The crisp refreshing lemon filled flavors hit you long before you realize you’re sipping gin.

It brought me right back to being 20 in Cinque Terra. Distracted by glistening ocean views, we hiked up the trail further than we realized without packing water (i blame the last night’s activities)… and luckily came upon an older Italian man tending to his garden, who offered us a huge lemon that he cut up with his pocket knife. In any other situation, i can’t imagine devouring it as easily as we did, and while it was tart, it was incredibly sweet and juicy! That first splash of Malfy Gin on the rocks tasted just like that. Italian Riviera Summer… in a bottle? Honestly, while it looks lovely with a twist - it certainly doesn’t require it!

So back to this delicious new gin… or delightful lemony liquor (for your “non-gin” friends) - “MALFY G.Q.D.I. (Gin di Qualita Distillato in Italia) is distilled by the Vergnano family in Moncalieri, Italy, using a traditional stainless steel vacuum still. Malfy Gin’s is made from 6 botanicals including Juniper (Ginepro in Italian) and lemon sourced from the Italian Coastline,” says Biggar and Leith. I’m fascinated by the story, delighted by the branding (those colors!) and packaging (the stopper is Italian Oak!), and reaching to refill my Malfy on the Rocks as i write this.

Take a peek at all the details on the next page!

Even if it wasn’t a bright sunny day… opening up this box screams summer + ocean! malfy1.jpg


Everything including a perfect looking lemon and Opinel knife. malfy2.jpg

The blue and yellow string is one of my favorite thoughtful details. malfy3.jpg

… and they even laser etched Malfy into the knife! malfy5.jpg

Reading that… i can’t help but imagine the writer’s uncle to be that man we found hiking on the italian coast so many years ago… malfy8.jpg

Italy in the glass! malfy7.jpg

Ahhh the italian oak stopper… malfy6.jpg



Peeking into the booklet are a few gin recipes… though i’m loving it on the rocks so far. malfy11.jpg


… and because it fascinates me… a peek at the packaging, sizing, and displays we might see out in the wild soon! The Bar cart is so cute! malfy13.jpg

On finding Malfy Gin in the wild - it has only just launched. So you can find it in Georgia and New York so far, and its quickly going to popping up all over the US and overseas! If you see a bottle, i suggest you snag it!

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Thank you for you comments on the Malfy. I received a bottle from a friend of mine who is a liquor distributor. I had no idea how to drink this. But I love anything with lemons or lemon flavor. I am going to try mine on the rocks just as you suggested that you like. If there are other ways that you drink it I would love to know.

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