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Paintings of Cinta Vidal - 04.04.16


There’s something magical about the way Cinta Vidal sees and paints the world - it’s a world that pulls you in to all the details and the potential and endlessness of her tiny planets filled with life, houses, campsites, people, and lovely trees! Staring into them, i can’t help but wish i could spin the planets around to see what’s happening on the other sides! Above is Roca. See some of my other favorites on the next page (which i try to figure out which print i need!)

p.s. i’ve been spinning my laptop to see the paintings with different sides on top… they almost need rotating frames for viewing!

Vacances! cinta2.jpg

C�pula cinta3.jpg

Escales 2 cinta4.jpg

It’s even been made into a puzzle by Londji! cinta5.jpg


UPDATE! From her latest show at Thinkspace - Gravities cintavidal02_Brutal-architecture-90x80cm-web.jpg



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