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Unboxing: Kleenex Facial Cleansing- 04.25.16


So, it seems Kleenex is branching out… to new Kleenex Facial Cleansing, which is currently only available on their own online store. Firstly - this post is about PACKAGING. (Because i’m not feeling the cleansing products so much. I even made Shawn try the wipe - and I tried the rest… and well, anything that isn’t cleanser free has a bit of a chemical scent/feel. So now that that’s out of the way… back to the packaging!) When i first saw pictures of this new line, i thought it was a student branding/packaging concept. It was so pretty - and it just didn’t seem like what i’d expect from Kleenex. So when i realized it was REAL, i had to poke at it all in person.

The Kleenex Facial Cleansing line has 5 products: exfoliating cushions (just add water and scrub), moist facial wipes, cotton soft pads (huge!), moist eye makeup removers, and shine away sheets. The branding is lovely and clean/fresh, and the products and packaging show that quite a bit of design and thoughtfulness went into each one. It’s cute that the exfoliating cushions, wipes, and eye makeup removers come in solid clear/white plastic containers (complete with o-rings to keep moist things from drying out!) - each is refillable by popping in a fresh pack. In reality - the refillable boxes are of much higher quality than i expected. Biggest surprise of all - the bottoms all have holes! If you expected to use these containers later for anything else, think again! (Though you could keep an empty plastic refill pack inside.)

Take a look at the unboxing and product details on the next page!

Here’s the full Kleenex Facial Cleansing collection currently available exclusively on their website. kleenex1.jpg

Nice touch on the custom shipping packaging! Never expected it to unbox like a gift (maybe Amazon prime keeps my standards low…) kleenex2.jpg

See? kleenex3.jpg

Here’s the full set of starters and one eye makeup refill pack. kleenex4.jpg

Fresh out of the wrappers - the containers! This is how they’d look if you were to have them all on your bathroom counter - they’d take up quite a bit of real estate! kleenex4a.jpg

Popping out the product packs to take a closer look at the containers… i was surprised to see the bottoms have holes! kleenex5.jpg

A look at the Facial Cleansing Wipes… kleenex6.jpg

They are really thick and pretty big - but the scent, i’m not sure about. Though i might throw them in for camping/festival adventures… kleenex7.jpg

Shine Away Sheets - i haven’t poked at these since high school, where the Korean girls would always have some on hand. These have a stranger texture - woven/cloth-like on one side, and slightly plasticy on the other. kleenex8.jpg

The Exfoliating Cushions! This is the container that doesn’t have a rubber o-ring since the product is dry. Simply run it under water to get it lathered up and scrub away! It definitely scrubs you clean, but i don’t see switching out my facial cleansers for these pads. Ripping one apart - inside there are two layers, an extremely abrasive blue layer and a fluffy foam pad. kleenex9.jpg

The Eye Makeup Removers - they do the job! Still a bit of that chemically scent sadly. kleenex10.jpg

The final product - which should totally have a container too?!?! Is the Cotton Soft Pads - they are basically HUGE cotton pads - bigger than a playing card! kleenex11.jpg

I haven’t tried it yet - but you could probably clean off a full manicure with one of these things… kleenex12.jpg

So there are the Kleenex Facial Cleansing products - fun packaging/branding! I wish i liked the products themselves as much as the concept.

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