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Unboxing: Saint James Press Kit- 05.29.16


Oooh a surprise arrived from Saint James - and to be honest, i knew little about them until this fun (and very informative) hands on box of goodies arrived. The branding, illustrations, and playfulness of the kit let you play with the various stages of wool (from raw to washed to combed) while learning about how their sweaters are made and what goes on in the french atelier… since 1889. There’s even a canvas scroll of their historical timeline!

Fun facts from the timeline - “From the mid 17th century, fishermen from Brittany and Normandy would go to the Channel Islands and to England to sell vegetables during the fishing off-season. They traveled the England countryside to mostly sell garlic, and wore these long wool shirts, often dyed indigo (one of the only shades resistant to sea air). As soon as they reached a hamlet, they shouted out for auction, “Marchand d’ail! Marchand d’ail!” (Garlic seller) but the locals only held on to the word “chandail”. As time passed, this wool shirt took on the name “chandail”. Fascinating! It went on to become the iconic striped sailor shirt/sweater we imagine today.

Ready to take a peek inside the fun press kit? To the next page!

A few months ago I got the cutest sheep invite from Saint James, but wasn’t able to make it out to the NYC store opening. james15.jpg


So on fun surprises… this press kit just came so i could experience and learn about them in person! james1.jpg

Even the filler has random french facts… james2.jpg

The scroll… james3.jpg

… a history of the Tricots Saint James! james4.jpg

Peeking inside the box - a Minquiers Moderne Breton Striped Shirt. james5.jpg


On to the wooden box… james6.jpg

Busting the seal open - and into all the compartments! james7.gif

Raw (but dirty) wool, washed wool, SUPER soft combed wool… james8.jpg

… into the finishing details! Sea salt, buttons, and the labels. james9.jpg

The Saint James Tales of the Atelier Newsletter… limited press run of 100. james10.jpg

Great Steinbeck quote! james11.jpg

A peek inside the process of making the Seaman Sweater. james12.jpg

… and even a little fun on the back for kids (but i couldn’t resist) - crossword and word scramble! james13.jpg

Find out more (and check out their super soft clothes) at theSaint James Boutique and their Breton Origins page. Storytelling and retail design by Creative Capital NYC. Much of the lovely design work you see in this kit is from Charmaine Choi.

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