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Inspiration: LA Auto Show 2016- 11.17.16


It’s a crazy and exciting time in the automotive world right now. There’s so much inspiration coming from the PAST (vintage!) and so much coming up in the FUTURE (autonomous vehicles and incredible concepts!)… we’re thrilled our NOTCOT sponsor, AutoNation, presents our adventures at the LA Auto Show to share some of the PRESENT lustworthy inspiration!

You never know quite what you’re going to find at the LA Auto Show. There are the usual models you expect from the larger brands, but then you run into things like a half lego Porsche 919… or a huge wooden moose… or an all electric 911… or a crazy super pink panther car… endless VR experiences (which really don’t photograph well)… surprising collaborations (Hurley pickup truck? Sriracha Lexus?)… flying pigs… and so much more. Ready to see what we found? To the next page!

The Porsche 919 Hybrid raced in FIA World Endurance Championship including the 24hrs of Le Mans. Well, at the LA Auto Show, it half transformed into LEGOS! autoshow1.jpg

Right in the main lobby, you can’t miss the 3D printed Divergent 3D Blade. autoshow2.jpg

Jaguar I-TYPE - sadly Noodle of the Gorrilaz wasn’t there too! autoshow3.jpg

Jaguar I-PACE - the all electric jag concept was pretty interesting. Love the shadows cast by the sunroof. autoshow4.jpg

You could NOT miss the strikingly green Mercedes Benz AMG GT R autoshow5.jpg

On Mercedes details - how cute is the exhaust button icon? Click it to adjust the valve flaps to make your exhaust roar even louder. autoshow6.jpg

Even MORE of a beast in person! Mercedes Benz G550 4�4� autoshow7.jpg

Stunning wooden moose at Volvo demonstrating the classic moose test as they demo sensor technology detecting surprise objects in your path. autoshow8.jpg

Volvo XC90 Excellence - when you’re luxuriously lounging in the backseat, grab a footless champagne glass? These special stem-only champagne glasses slip right into the special cup holder - alongside your pop out airplane-exit row-styled table. autoshow9.jpg

Beautiful Volvo display! autoshow10.jpg

BMW M’s had a dramatic and angular display. autoshow11.jpg

BMW 7 Series - from the matte paint to the stark black and white patterned wall to the glowing 7 - what a combination. autoshow12.jpg

We were excited to see this collab in person - the Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Hurley! It’s really pulls you in from across the show floor. That paint color… and the subtle Hurley logos camouflaged on. Interesting neoprene truck bed cover, and great sliding rack setup. Also how cute is that tiny snorkel? autoshow13.jpg

Volkswagen was all about Think New. - they, like many other booths, were all about the VR. autoshow14.jpg

The Mini Cooper SE Countryman All4 Plug-In Hybrid premiered at the show in the loveliest minimal/woodsy oasis of displays. autoshow15.jpg

Wow. The Porsche 911 RSR - no one could walk by without stopping to stare and take a picture. It has so many stunning details. autoshow16.jpg

Mazda RT24-P - another one that stopped people in their tracks. The curves! autoshow17.jpg

Mazda CX-5 - world premiere! And poking around in it - it looked fantastic! autoshow18.jpg

Interesting display from Buick to display interior/exterior color options. autoshow19.jpg

Lexus LC500 lights! Love the sharp, fierce look! autoshow20.jpg

From a more gift guide point of view - the Land Rover Store has SO much fun adorableness for defender lovers, kids, and more. (15% off at the online store with LRAUTO15) autoshow21.jpg

The LR magnetic calendar. autoshow22.jpg

The Jaguar Store also had some fun gifts - like this E-type Espresso Set. (15% off at the online store with JAGAUTO15) autoshow23.jpg

Of course the Porsche Store also had some silly surprises - like cookie presses and paper clips! autoshow24.jpg

Now - heading into some of the weirdest, yet strangely amusing things we found at the show…

“When pigs fly” - too fun to walk into a lobby filled with flying pigs as you head to the West Hall. autoshow25.jpg

Seriously - how amazingly ridiculous is this Pink Panther Limo? autoshow26.jpg

On real WTF moments… the Lexus Sriracha IS was a collaboration with Huy Fong Foods and West Coast Customs autoshow27.jpg

Another one making people stop, stare, and pull out their phones - Nissan’s TIE Fighter! autoshow28.jpg

And to finish our LA Auto Show inspirations - Zelectric Motors! It was great to get a peek at these guys up close. They turn vintage classics into fully electric vehicles! autoshow29.jpg

Thanks again to AutoNation for being one of our amazing sponsors!

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I usually install this show, I am a car guy but it’s generally a nightmare of a week. I am jealous of the tie fighter, I would go if I could build that. You need to also mention the RSR Porsche is the first mid engine 911. Zelectric needs to burn in hell.

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