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Cannabis Packaging + Branding Design- 01.20.17


We’ve been finding so many interesting Cannabis products with great packaging/branding lately! So instead of hunting for them each time, or flooding NOTCOT.org with the links… here’s one big post of them!

It’s no surprise that the cannabis market is booming and growing at record speeds, and will likely continue to do so. After many recurring conversations about the design emerging around the cannabis space - i finally started rounding up some of the more intriguing packaging/branding design of cannabis products. This doesn’t even begin to look at the branding of dispensaries, architecture/interior design of dispensaries, or paraphernalia. And while cannabis product packaging is much like packaging for water, alcohol, anything you can add sugar to, etc. - when looking for inspiration to design packaging and branding for a cannabis brand, you can really find inspiration from ANYTHING. The products have enough range that you could probably have an equivalent cannabis product for nearly anything in a supermarket or drugstore. But, that being said, i was still curious what’s new in the cannabis specific space with regards to eye catching packaging… so here’s my current (and probably growing) list! Let me know if you find others i should check out!

1 - AdFreak “This Colorado Agency Just Made 3 Strains of Marijuana Specifically for Ad People” shows some fun work by TDA_Boulder for part of a promotional campaign for The Fifty, which is the Denver Ad Club’s award show. “The Fifty Weed,” as the drug is being called, was made in partnership with Colorado Kind, a marijuana grower and award show sponsor and is available for purchase from Jan. 26 until Feb. 2, everywhere Colorado Kind Cannabis is sold. cdesign1.jpg

2 - Lola Lola has a stunning website and great packaging. cdesign2.jpg

Here are some pics from their @LolaLolaLive Instagram. cdesign3.jpg

3 - Legal Beverages by Mirth Provisions. Love the Mirth logo! Also this branding! cdesign4.jpg

Here’s their music video:

4 - Moon Man’s Mistress makes hand-crafted baked goods are paleo, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and low-glycemic. cdesign19.jpg

5 - HMBLDT - “Targeted formulas. Precise dosage. Say hello to hmbldt, the first complete solution in cannabis.” cdesign20.jpg

6 - Lord Jones - a range of edible gummies, chocolates, and chocolate espresso chews as well as lotions. cdesign5.jpg

7 - Cannavore - gummies, fruit pastilles, salted caramels, and chocolate caramel kettlecorn. cdesign6.jpg

8 - The Good Ship cdesign11.jpg

9 - Marigold Sweets - gourmet chocolates! Love their chocolate molds… cdesign12.jpg

10 - Bloom Farms cdesign15.jpg

11 - Kiva Confections cdesign10.jpg

12 - Quill! Low dose cannabis vaporizer for the moments in between. Each puff is 2mg. Found through Serra. Great pics on the Quill Instagram too. cdesign24.jpg

13 - Wyld Canna cdesign7.jpg

14 - Leafs by Snoop - designed by Pentagram. Reminiscent of Mast Bros and Compartes chocolate bars? cdesign8.jpg

15 - VCC Brands - which includes the Venice Cookie Company, Not So Virgin and more. cdesign18.jpg

16 - Mountain Medicine cdesign17.jpg

17 - Hepburns - photos from Greenly. The Hepburn Petites are adorable. cdesign21.jpg

18 - PotBox - a subscription service. cdesign9.jpg

19 - Hashman Infused cdesign22.jpg

20 - Madame Munchie’s Macarons cdesign23.jpg

21 - Foria Pleasure - for women. For everything from easing cramp pain to better orgasms. cdesign16.jpg

22 - Kannakrill CBD Relief for Pets by Eden’s Cure cdesign14.jpg

23 - Honey Pot - kept debating whether to add this one, it’s still an old school honey bear and honey sticks, but still fun, so leaving it for now. cdesign13.jpg

UPDATES! As i keep researching and keep adding to this post… there are now almost twice as many interesting designs from when this first went live!

24 - Club M seems to be the most luxurious, beautifully curated subscription box and store. There’s the over the top Limited Edition MBox 1k… as well as regular monthly kits and products you can buy. cdesign27.jpg

25 - Hermetic Genetics seeds and hand pollinated flowers found through the Serra Seeds Section. cdesign25.jpg

26 - Sonoma Cannabis Co. AYA aya.jpg

27 - Plus Gum & Gummies plus.jpg

28 - Lowell Herb Co. - and their Valentine’s Day 1 Ounce Cannabis Bouquet! lowell.jpg


29 - Ruby Cannabis Sugar ruby.jpg

30 - Yummi Karma yummi.jpg

31 - Dr. Norms - ‘Know Your Dose’ drnorms.jpg

32 - Altai Brands - Elevating the Art of Cannabis altai.jpg

33 - Korova “Unrivaled Potency” korova.jpg

34 - Strike Your Fortune Pre-Rolls have such lovely packaging! Nice touch with the graphics, as well as the matches, and mix of pre-rolls and a special golden joint in a test tube. Best pics are on their instagram. fortune.jpg

35 - Mellows - Cannabis Gourmet Marshmallows. Love the “Get Mellow” details inside the lid! mellows.jpg

36 - The Au Box - another specialty subscription box of cannabis products. You can choose based on themes. aubox.jpg

37 - Vashon Velvet velvet.jpg

38 - Nativ - Interesting use of opaque test tubes. nativ.jpg

39 - Suncliff suncliff.jpg

40 - Joanna O’Boyle’s work for Winterlife Cannabis winterlife.jpg

41 - Chief THC chief.jpg

42 - Dixie Elixirs - seems to be one of the more aggressive brands out there, with articles talking about how they want to be the Pepsi of the cannabis edibles space. Interesting is their Secret Society of Budtenders that incentivizes them to sell their products. Seems like they have some cleaner, new branding rolling out. dixie.jpg

43 - Hydropothecary Time of Day Product Line hydro.jpg

44 - Defonce Chocolates - most interesting detail is that each pyramid is volumetrically identically for even dosing. defonce.jpg

45 - Valhalla Confections Matchstix have fun packaging, tucking small pre-rolls into a match box. valhalla.jpg

Now the real question… do they taste/work as well as they look?

Other lists/links worth taking a look at High Times “HIGH EXPECTATIONS: 21 CANNABIS BRANDS TO WATCH” from August 2016 and Kind Tyme “Cannabis Branding: 10 Examples of Excellent Design” from March 2016. Also an interesting read High Times “THC Warnings Appear on Colorado Cannabis Edibles”.

As a side note - some design focused stores - Van der Pop, Tetra, Green Mister, Kush Kards, CatchTilly, Grey Horse, SweetFlag, SlowRollSociety Instagram (store closed?) Also - Stock Pot Images - stock photography! Also Baked Cannabis Baking Kits.

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check out Pollen Gear stuff- pretty sweet child resistant weed packaging

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