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TRUTH - New York Times Ad- 02.27.17


We live in some pretty surprising times right now. Even those who claim to have seen it all coming, must be at least a little surprised how things keep playing out. (Here in the US as well as around the globe…) And to find a silver lining, maybe it’s a good thing that events have been polarizing enough to light a fire in people who hadn’t stepped up before… helping people figure out what’s worth fighting for and protecting… helping sort out priorities… and figuring out where, how, and when to get involved in new ways. I’d be lying to say that current events haven’t been taking over more of my brain power that in the past may have focused on design obsessions and explorations… but sometimes you just need time to take deep dives researching and processing as much information as your brain can hold in hopes of coming up with a new plan - a passionate, considered next move to make.

And then yesterday i went to the supermarket to pick up the sunday paper because i wanted a copy of their ad. This New York Times ad by Droga5! About TRUTH. Sure it’s a bit sad that it even needs to be said, but its a fantastic reminder in good times as well as bad! So take a peek at it on the next page…









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