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Unboxing: Vertty Backpack- 03.30.17


For anyone that loves triangles, facets, and popping colors ~ there’s Vertty. I wrote about their super fun towels back in 2014… and now they even have backpacks and bikinis! And the fun folks at Vertty just sent over one of their Vertty Backpacks to play with!

While i must admit, i haven’t been much of a backpack person since high school, the faceted nature and unusual mix of materials on this bag had me intrigued. I’m also a sucker for multipurpose bags with unique features - like the bottom zip flap to shake the sand out! Growing up by the beach in LA, and going to school practically on the beach in San Diego, my cars are never without a beach blanket/towel and flip flops! That also means more often than not, sand can be found in the car, garage, and most likely some of my totes too. (I bet this might actually work out pretty well for parents as a kid bag too - all those snack crumbs could find their way right out of the bottom!) Also eye catching - the COLORS! The fun faceted dust bag and lining pop beautifully. You can’t peek in your bag and not smile as you hunt for things! Here’s how Vertty describes it: “With its structured design and adaptive functionalities, the Vertty backpack is an inviting bridge between the carefully planned urban spirit with the demanding and impulsive thrill-seeking aspect of adventure.” Ready to take a peek at it up close? To the next page!

From the Vertty Backpack page - It all looks so lovely and intriguing! verttypack1a.jpg

The official product photos: verttypack1.jpg

So when they offered to send a sample over to poke at in person, how could i resist?

The dust bag (with super skinny side handle) sums up all that i think of when i imagine Vertty - colorful triangles! verttypack3.jpg

The backpack itself pops that motif into 3D. verttypack4.jpg

Fun cheeky matte black hang tag… verttypack5.jpg

Nice details on the little rubbery zipper pulls. verttypack6.jpg

The lining! The interior is so organized yet playful - they even make the velcro triangular! verttypack7.jpg

The straps can be configured multiple ways depending on your needs/mood. From normal backpack straps, to having both come from the center, to treating it more like a messenger bag with a single shoulder strap. The neoprene sleeves make them extra comfortable. And you can see the big sifting next on the bottom! verttypack8.jpg

This section keeps your laptop nice and padded… verttypack9.jpg

Lovely little icons! verttypack10.jpg

A peek at the backpack alongside my Vertty Beach Towel! verttypack13.jpg

Here’s a look at the Vertty Backpack in real life via the Vertty Instagram! verttypack2.jpg

Of course, mid photoshoot, Bucky sneaks over and makes himself right at home on the towel! verttypack12.jpg

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