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Nashville Adventures + Project House #2- 06.04.17


Go Preds! Stanley Cup madness is becoming quite the party throughout Nashville right now! What a trip… just back from yet another Nashville trip. We’ve been back and forth quite a bit the last few years, but especially the last few months! It feels like our American Airlines LAX-BNA flights are becoming our commuter flights.

While friends keep asking what it is about Nashville that I love (beyond Shawn’s family being there, and his having grown up there) ~ this flight home helped me realize it’s been a great escape! It’s an amazing city in the midst of SO much growth, and their momentum and rate of change has been infectious. It’s that perfect scale of small enough to keep up with what’s new (even from afar) and big enough to constantly find new things… and the real estate market is booming (still!) There’s been non stop construction on every scale for the last few years, a few new hotels (from luxury boutiquey artsy ones to mega business traveler hotels) each trip, so many new restaurants and shops, and it feels like a new neighborhood emerges each trip (realtors and developers just keep coming up with new names?) Getting to catch up on their complex history, while exploring the present state of things (growing pains and all), and diving in to understand the future of Nashville has been quite the hyper-speed education. I’ve learned more about how a city grows and evolves from the cultural, political, and financial aspects the last few years than ever before… and while i’m not sure how it all fits in with the NOTCOT side of my brain quite yet, i’m sure it will all make sense soon! But for now, buying houses we adore (that need some love, but have so much potential) have been our little way of investing in the future of where this amazing city is going.

As for the more NOTCOT side of things… while it’s fun to see all the new shops/design projects emerging, much of it does seem to reflect things you can find all over the world (from the hipster coffee shops to the boutiques that seem better at instagram than face to face customer service to the reclaimed wood/tile overdoses) - but what most inspires me are the products and experiences that are uniquely Nashville… and that seems to come in the form of nice people, great food, and lively music (and the Predators!) The real trick with visiting Nashville lately, seems to be unearthing the older hidden gems before they might disappear!

Take a peek on the next page to see some of the fun we’ve had, and the progress on our latest NOTCOT Nashville Project House (in Lockeland Springs!) on the next page.

Our latest Project House in Lockeland Springs, East Nashville. A peek in spring, compared to the summer google streetview capture! Lots of lovely evergreens and cacti get the yard through winter before the flowers and leaves burst forth! nashtrip1.jpg

Flying in over the greenery is my favorite part of the flight. nashtrip2.jpg

The gorgeous flowers at FLWR Shop nashtrip33.jpg

… and the oh so tempting single stem vases… nashtrip34.jpg

Brunching at Husk and exploring the “Buchanan Art’s District” in North Nashville. nashtrip35.jpg

Would you believe that this japanese library is tucked behind an old japanese restaurant in a strip mall on your way to the bathroom? nashtrip36.jpg

The 12 South Farmer’s Market is beneath the trees in the park! Love the adorable graphics on their onesies, and the locally grown bouquets are stunning! nashtrip4.jpg

Cacti buds in front of the new house! nashtrip5.jpg

Errands took us to see what TNT appliance had, and we had to stop in the new strip of shops including Flora Plant Shop - as you can see on their instagram, they are all about this velvety green couch. nashtrip6.jpg

House in progress! Cleaning up some of the crazy colors and funky sliding doors (that may have been repurposed closet doors?) nashtrip24a.jpg

New adorable East Nashville bar, Rosemary, is tucked in a nondescript little yellow house. So far, the decor far surpasses their cocktails - it’s SO cute inside! nashtrip7.jpg

Popped into the Treehouse for beers… nashtrip8.jpg

Trying to decide on exterior paint colors, landed on Coastal Seaglass. Lockeland Springs has so many funky colored houses, we needed to bring some happy colors to ours too! nashtrip11.jpg

You can’t really do Nashville and not end up at Arnold’s! nashtrip9.jpg

And of course - hanging out with Caleb is one of the best parts of Nashville time! nashtrip10.jpg

The house is now GREEN!!! And flowers are blooming throughout the yard! nashtrip12.jpg

We even found a huge black walnut tree in the back yard! nashtrip13.jpg

These riding mowers at home depot has such pokemon-esque faces! nashtrip14.jpg

Another one of my favorite Nashville things to do… getting a CSA Box (that you get to pick yourself!) at Green Door Gourmet - and their little market has one of the best selections of local goods (edibles and gifts!) i’ve found yet. More details about how much i love their CSA and Farm here! nashtrip15.jpg

The Green Door Gourmet flower greenhouses are getting there! nashtrip16.jpg

Popped up to the top of the new Thompson Hotel in the Gulch, and into their coffee shop, Killebrew - lovely! nashtrip17.jpg

For divey late night eats - Hermitage Cafe. They are open from 10pm to 1:30pm (basically all night long, until after lunch!) nashtrip18.jpg

Many afternoons and evenings were spent playing with Caleb in the yard (until he’s tired and needs to cool off in his “pool”), watching the sunset, and chasing fireflies! nashtrip19.jpg

The Picnic Cafe. We go every trip ~ often just picking up their gourmet-to-go casseroles to heat up at home. So so good! nashtrip20.jpg

House progress - comparing the initial walk-thru and our progress! nashtrip24.jpg

M.L.Rose has the cutest owls! (Also good burgers and soooo many beers.) nashtrip21.jpg

Finally checked out the dilapidated, huge, restaurant supply shop on Charlotte… never expected to find a replica diner and vintage cars inside?!?! nashtrip23.jpg

So many murals (from local and international artists!) are constantly popping up in Nashville ~ this one is by London based Louis Masai. nashtrip32.jpg

While i was flying home to LA ~ Shawn made it to Stanley Cup Game 3! And the Predators won 5-1! The whole of downtown was filled with fans, live music, and SO much energy! nashtrip31.jpg

Since you can’t bring all the delicious southern food home easily or hand carry whiskey or bourbon… Colt’s Bolts have become my favorite treat to bring back for friends! Locally made since 1984! No one who likes chocolate, peanut butter, and almonds will be able to resist them. (And if you’re a dark chocolate lover like me… the milk chocolate is closer to other’s dark choc!) coltsbolts.jpg

(p.s. I hand carried the cube box of 24 through airport security, and they totally inspected my bag because of it! But then they just raved about how good they smell before sending me on my way.)

As for the house itself ~ Built in 1920, it’s grown over the years into a 1060 sqft 2br/1ba with a huge deck and fenced back yard filled with gorgeous trees to lounge under! From the deck it feels like you’re in a treehouse! There’s even a screened in front porch and basement!











Phew ~ so that’s the latest few months of on and off Nashville adventuring!

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Nina - don’t worry! Bucky’s doing great (other than some allergy issues!) but he stayed in LA for these few Nashville trips, since we flew out instead of driving!

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Where is Bucky? Is he OK?

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