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Nashville - Solar Eclipse Totality Merch- 08.20.17


The Path of TOTALITY! What a phrase. Can you believe the hype and merch madness going on across the US in preparation for tomorrow’s solar eclipse? A lot of it is pretty painful. Yes yes, from a fascination of space and nature standpoint it’s truly awe inspiring… but putting that aside for this post, it’s been hard to ignore the creative inspiration it’s triggered as well!

Nashville is one of the largest cities in the “path of totality” and as such, it’s become quite the event tomorrow… which also means that my Nashville centric instagram feed has been flooded with everything from eclipse cotton candy cocktails and smoothies to cookies, tshirts, gig posters and more… and they are pretty awesome! I tried to search for more gorgeous imagery from other towns and cities, but haven’t found much worth sharing yet (so please leave comments with links if you know of some to highlight!)

Ready for Eclipse Graphic Overload? To the next page!

[p.s. Nashville overload? It’s my creative muse of a city lately… Let’s talk if you want to help me get hooked on another?]

The Nashville Scene has quite the cover story this week - with artwork from Anderson Design Group. eclipse-scene1.jpg

Over at Frothy Monkey are Eclipse Cookies! eclipse-food1.jpg

The folks at Caviar & Bananas Nashville have a Sun and Moon Flufftail - cotton candy cocktail! eclipse-food2.jpg

Here’s the Lulu Eclipse Cocktail (Orange Juice + Currant Liqueur +Cathead Vodka) and the Corsair Distillery Cocktail (1.5 Grainiac bourbon .75 Fresh squeezed lemon juice .5 Simple syrup. Shake all ingredients, then top with .5 oz Fernet Vallet, pouring it over a spoon.) eclipse-food4.jpg

On a healthier note, The Urban Juicer is featuring an Eclipse smoothie = Paradise Found with a dose of Activated Charcoal darkness. eclipse-food3.jpg

My favorite t-shirt find is the glow in the dark one from Project 615! eclipse-tee1.jpg

Here’s another from Green Door Gourmet. eclipse-tee2.jpg

While not IN Nashville, but on the TN Whiskey Trail ~ here are some fun moonshine inspired ones from Ole Smoky. eclipse-tee3.jpg

More glow in the dark fun from White’s Mercantile. eclipse-tee4.jpg

On to event/poster graphics… my favorite is from Third Man Record’s for the OCCULTING THE SUNN WITH QUINTRON’S WEATHER WARLOCK event. eclipse-event1.jpg

Great graphic/poster for the Solarium Event at Fort Houston eclipse-event2.jpg

Here’s one for the post-eclipse party Cutting Heads at LA Jackson bar at the top of the Thompson Hotel. eclipse-event3.jpg

There’s even the Total Eclipse Opry Event! eclipse-event4.jpg

The Mayor’s Official Eclipse Viewing Party and Nashville Sounds Baseball Game will be at First Tennessee Park. eclipse-event5.jpg

So many parties across the city… here’s artwork from the one’s at Acme Feed & Seed and Pinewood Social. eclipse-event6.jpg

The ladies of Hey Wanderer even designed an Eclipse Piñataeclipse-pinata.jpg

Not Nashville related - but a few other fun things…

Cute shirt graphic from Sarah Conrad. eclipse-other1.jpg

Nice print and shirt/tanks from Chris Adams of Corvidopolis. eclipse-other2.jpg

A nice minimal take on the eclipse for Oregon by Sweet Pea Cole eclipse-other4.jpg

Nice piece by Brian Steely for Oregrown. steely.jpg

Perhaps the most prolific of Eclipse Art - Tyler Nordgren has made 31 vintage styled posters. eclipse-other3.jpg

But the clear winner in Solar Eclipse merch is definitely USPS with their thermochromatic ink Total Eclipse of the Sun Postage Stamps! (It’s the first U.S. stamp to use thermochromic ink!!!) Just warm up the stamps (breathe or touch them) and the moon appears! (Though it is a bit odd the MOON appears, shouldn’t it be the sun?) eclipse-other5.jpg

Happy Solar Eclipse 2017! Protect your eyes… and don’t forget there’s another one coming across the US in 2024! eclipse2024.jpg

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