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Is this a sabbatical? Or retirement?- 12.31.17



First posted in Sept, but then i got excited for a little burst again… but trying again for the new year? If you want to talk about what’s next, have a fun project to work together on (design, real estate, etc.)… ping me! And the same disclaimer stands, i’m sure as soon as i try to do this, i’m going to stumble across something that blows my mind and i have to tell you?

Hi there. Let’s make this official - i’m taking a break from the bloggy part of NOTCOT! (Insert deep sigh of relief?) It’s been 12 and a bit years, and life has taken so many twists and turns and it’s been a roller coaster ride around the world and internet - so, THANK YOU to all of you who joined the ride! Until the last year or so, everything that i found and loved i shared here… my brain has been a design junkie for 3 decades!

As someone that craves newness like no other… it was inevitable that i’d need to keep shaking things up in my life, and lately that has turned to other projects and endeavors that are less internet-shareable (for the moment.)

SO… i’ll be back. Possibly tomorrow. Possibly 298 days from now. Your guess is as good as mine? But first things first, i’m officially saying i’m on a break from blogging. Let’s see where that leads.

If you’re curious what i’m up to, or want to collaborate or brainstorm or make amazing things together - let’s talk? I’m still happily doing the NOTlabs things and the real estate thing and… well… quite a few other things too!

And again… HEAD OVER TO NOTCOT.ORG FOR INSPIRATION OVERLOADS UPDATED DAILY! (It’s business as usual over there! and to be honest, it’s really hard to break the daily habit of sharing things that inspire me!)

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