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Box Lighting- 03.21.05

light.jpgSometimes the best things in life are… cheap. Urban Outfitters in Santa Monica, CA today, found this great Parcel lightbox lamp that comes with many sheets of alphabets, numbers, and symbols you can place between a the two layers infront of the bulbs. For a mere 14$ its a steal. ON-OFF-FLASHING is always amusing as well…. (see more pics after!)

Here’s a fun one of part of my workspace (on top of my mini tv)

Here’s what came in the box…

Imagine the possibilities with things to put in it, images to show through it, utilizing different bulbs. I can’t wait to play with it more… and experiment in lighting… but now i did the obvious.

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Do you know where I can get this Parcel lightbox now? They don’t have it on the Urban Outfitters web site any longer and I’d like to get one as a gift for someone. Let me know. Thanks!

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