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iPod X GAS- 03.20.05

meets03.jpgBeen posted before, but rediscovered in a hunt for the perfect iPod case: GAS graphic designer cases. Vol. 1 (perhaps this implies more to come.) So far imagery from Adorn, So_Me, Genevieve Gauckler, Kuntzel & Deygas, Will Sweeny, Mooog Yamamoto, Mask, The Boo’s, Ben Sansbury, and Perks and Mini. (If you don’t know at least a few of these its time to do some graphic design catch-up!)

Take a look at the images below to see how design of the actual case, it has a top flap that comes down over a black covering for the click-wheel ipods. It looks to be printed on a canvas type material.

Pics of my favorites after the jump as well as far more information and links. Grazie mille Jermacide + Hello-Friend






CoolHunting (Josh Spear) and PopGadget posts on these have more information on the manufacturer… Collete.fr Has one model left for sale (the interface and dogs on this site are just adorable, and worth checking out regardless)… also direct information from GAS is at GasAsIf

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