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Chopstick Trainer- 03.15.05

chopstick.jpg So you don’t know how to use chopsticks, and you want to, or you’re just hungry and need them to be able to grab food and get it to your mouth ASAP.

These were a hilarious or perhaps ingenious new take on easy chopsticks… that convert chopsticks (or sticks) by simply cutting holes in hardware store rubber tubing, and inserting the chopsticks.

Image after the jump of it in use.


By the way these came with a wok my friend bought… yes these are SOLD… even at Whole Foods apparently.

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I was looking for this because my friend is getting married and she can’t eat with chop sticks for the life of her if you could let me know where you purchased these i would be very grateful. Thank you.

----- justin 07.04.09 21:11

Where can i buy the CHOPSTICK TRAINER?

----- Etta 09.04.08 15:57

just had to mention that i purchased chopstick trainers, much like these and actually used them! okay, so of course i know how to use chopsticks and yes it was TOTALLY EMBARASSING to use them for dim sum, but post-op, i had to eat lefty and i just wasn’t coordinated enough to eat dimsum or udon lefthanded with chopsticks. and they do work!

i also saw several different versions recently. the scissors type, a large clothespin looking one and another sleeker clothespin version with a large ring…very artsy…

so, though tragically embarassing, these things do work when you’re crippled. but white kids, seriously…just learn to use chopsticks!

----- jus 25.05.05 23:35

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