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SUGARCUBE timing-screensaving- 03.14.05

sugarcubes2.jpg You NEED this screensaver, if only to turn your monitor into the sweetest clock around. Check out Koichiro Tsujikawa’s Sugar Cube Clock, it renders simplistic clean sugar cubes in the form of a 24hr clock, and as the minutes go by (and by your choice) ants or mini nissans come out and push/move the cubes around- you can change camera angles too.

Also check out the Groovisions screensaver as well… has a very katamari damacy feel to it… fresh blues and greens, and more fun driving action.

[link inspired by Josh Spear’s kind words of encouragement… which led me back to his site where i saw his new post on Amazetype which is so fun you must check it out… but that led me back to Shift which led me to these screensavers. I’m new at all this so i might not be linking my full threads of finds, as often they get more convuluted than this… but too much fun stuff brought me to my sugarcubes.]

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as i try to carve out my niche in the world of counting/timing/foraging, ive made this is my new screensaver. too bad the ants dont move realistically. the whole spinning in circles looks much more natural with vehicles.

----- jus 01.11.05 14:23

Nice Find :)

----- Josh Spear 14.03.05 22:37

Oops, quick note, no worries if you don’t know japanese or if your computer renders it into strings of ?????’s simply go with whatever the default selected buttons are (aka just keep pressing enter?)… and all installs ok… and your options in the screensaver appear in both japanese and english! it’s worth the effort. really.

----- me 14.03.05 22:16

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