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Delicious Design- 03.10.05

Ok so you already know: i’m a design book junkie.

I never really paid much attention earlier when my friend gushed about Delicious Monster’s Library program, but it is rather fun. One rainy LA day, my isight+my laptop+I decided to try it out, and scanned away with ease feeling like a supermarket check out woman (or what i always imagined it would feel like) scanning, hearing the beep, watching the satisfying black and white image om my comp as i tried to line up barcode and isight… its fun, its easy, and now when away from my books, or shopping for more, i always know what i have.

Ok, but honestly, it was a great program and all, but could use a little help, at least for design books… you must be able to pull from more than simply one of the countries for amazon, and it’s certainly a pity amazon didnt carry more design books… that’s what those brown paper book covers are.

Maybe we just need more awareness out there of what a cute little app it is… and more publishers and designers would ensure that they’re publications had the perfect (non-distorted) icon ready…

but its a start… digitizing my shelves… expanding the addiction. Also, love their graphic design… go watch their main page grow, as the rain comes and the plants pop out. Mesmerizing.

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