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Year of the Cock- 03.10.05

2005 Year of the Rooster, throw that in Hollywood, around the time of the Oscars, and naturally i suppose you end up with the Year of the Cock. Found this one at a Sassy Chicks Sample Sale up at Highlands, aussie woman and two friends designing them in LA. They also have a line of cheeky fortune cookie based shirts, and babies wear… see FortuneTees. Very LA, and as a designer i must admit it’s a gorgeous graphic. I could resist. She also mentioned they were given out in all the Oscars Presenters goodie bags (not sure if thats a good thing, but some people go for that). And as a sucker for packaging, they use chinese take-out boxes and even the extremely flimsy plastic bags you’d get take-out food in. Bonus points for thoroughness? Amusing find none-the-less.

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hahaha. that is awesome. adena and i were at shaws the other day in the “exotic” foods aisle, when we stumbled upon a package of “cock-flavored” soup mix. it was amazing. and of course, we had to buy it! =P

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