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DIY Peeps!- 03.27.05

peeps.jpgHappy Easter, go engadget for finding these peeps. Its Easter, you can’t help it, just have to have one, or poke at it at least…

Inside the box is the magical Peeps maker, 6 molds, a blue measuring cup for water, a yellow plastic stirrer and 2 sets of marshmallow mix and sugar. Marshmallow mix refills are available separately.ix Marshmallow Mix packet #1 with 1 Tbs. of very warm water. Stir for a maximum of 30 seconds. Add the contents of packet #2 and stir for a maximum of 20 additional seconds. Carefully fill the molds. Let your Peeps rest for five minutes, then remove them from the molds and roll in the yellow or pink dusting sugar. That’s it!

Amazing isn’t it? in that absolutely disgusting but intruiging sort of way? But that is the Peeps appeal i suppose? Anyhow, had to share this… check out the real Peeps site for more brightly colored amazement (such as the giant milk chocolate egg with a giant peep inside!)

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*gasp!* I’m going to be looking for this at the stores during the post-Easter candy sales!!

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