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Micro-Steam ?- 03.27.05

sharpoven_b.jpgvs. microwave? Sorry for the delay in posts this weekend, kind of wandered away from home a little…

Here we have the Sharp Healsio Water-oven (thanks to popgadget). While the name and idea were interesting at first, you must read more on the Sharp site about the science behind it (some interesting diagrams after the jump).

The AX-HC1 enables low-calorie cooking by roasting foods using water. It uses a Superheated Steam Generator to produce superheated steam at a temperature of approximately 300°C from steam heated to approximately 100°C. This superheated steam is sprayed onto the food, delivering approximately eight times more heat content than convection ovens, cooking foods such as meat and fried foods while causing excessive fat to quickly melt and drop away. For example, for a steak, the AX-HC1 removes approximately eight times more fat than cooking in a fry pan, cutting calories by approximately 13% (approximately 88 kcal). When reheating tempura or fried dishes, it removes oils contained in batter coatings, and for shrimp tempura, cuts the oil content by approximately 13% (approximately 58 kcal) compared to microwave heating. The AX-HC1 also has a salt reducing effect for grilled fish such as shiozake (salted salmon) and shiosaba (salted mackerel), and reduces salt content by approximately three times compared to cooking using a gas grill.

Check it out, it doesn’t possibly give you cancer from microwaves, it REDUCES fat and salt, and cooks all at once. And last i heard steam facials are still good, so the technology seems mild enough?

Fat Removal Mechanism

Salt Reduction Mechanism

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