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tickle me elmoed- 03.31.05


Did I miss something?  Is “elmo” the new “smurf?”  Someone, who shall remain nameless, tried to open up Adobe ImageReady CS for the first time, and got this interesting error message of “Could not elmo!!!!! The Great Elmo!!!!”  Hmm.

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How to fix it?same problem here

----- My 15.06.05 09:37

Elmoed here also, although PS CS still working as normal. I got Imageready loading again by setting the date back to 2004… guess Elmo’s little crack wasn’t sufficiently future date proofed :/

Probably the only way to permanently remove this error message is uninstall, delete the Adobe directory and make sure the registry is clean. Then reinstall and use a different crack.

----- bluey 07.06.05 11:17

dude. i keep getting elmoed too. i wonder if its something i just haven’t noticed all this time. =P

----- jus 28.05.05 10:24

lol how do we fix it?

----- bpb 16.04.05 17:36

The Great Elmo is a cracker who produces a lot of the cracks and exploits for adobe products.

Looks like he’s started an active advertising campaign. =)

----- Jermacide 01.04.05 03:38

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