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SUCK.co.uk- 03.14.05

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I always said “if i had a blog i would definitely post about suck.co.uk”… and well, now i have a blog. So here’s my post to them.

For someone who grew up stateside, i always wanted a big key that did something on my keychain, and this definitely fulfilled having utility as a bottle opener and making my keychain look cool.

I was shopping some funky little london boutique when i found the Slide Light, at the time i had actually thought “wow creative use of a basic hallogen lighting… by the interior designer”, only to later find it’s actually sold by the suck boys. Still love the simplicity and such a fun way to view slides and change your lighting regularly.

And i have a soft spot for sweet mirrors that transcend their basic usage and help frame the reflection into a real looking-glass into another world (alice in wonderland-esque)… so that gets thrown in for kicks as well.

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ah yes. the big key. i must confess, i had a hell of a time trying to lock and unlock doors this past trip. as pretty and old world as those things are, there really is something to be said about the convenience and practicality of modern innovations.

not to mention the way your privacy is compromised by those enormous keyholes! rumor has it that a certain master of balliol liked to keep an eye on his undergraduates by peeping through their keyholes. talk about creepy! but william hamilton took care of that, when he discovered the intruder and proceeded to dangle the poor man off the top of the stairs!

oh the treachery of the big key. i think it’s finally find its true function here. ;)

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