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CruZer3- 04.26.05

cruzer.jpgBraun CruZer… “shave, style, trim, 3-in-1” Not being a boy, and having to shave facial hair, this was just fun looking design wise, has a sweet swivel styler for various countours, beard trimmer and floating shave head that looks funky/compact and they are marketing it for the outdoorsy sporty type. [Also cool you can just wash the whole thing]… but the fun reason why i’m posting it other than its aesthetic is it’s interesting site [see image below], it teachs you how to create different styles… i never really paid attention to how many styles of male facial hair there were, and their diagrams were nice and clean… you can even create “virtual styles” trying out shapes on an uploaded image of yourself.

So as a girl, with curiosity… i now wish i had a guy who would let me experiment with this… [kind of like Carl letting me pick haircuts and such at the barbers at GTA just to try them on]… or i suppose girls can use these too, and shape and style other areas.


Kind of fun… go play with the others… and the tips have nice clean [super domus presentation styled] sillouette animations as well.

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