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Lisa Alisa- 04.08.05

LA1_101.jpgAlthough unsure on my thoughts of the japanese pop fetishy pre-pubescent naked asian girls with flowing black hair large eyes and strange sea creatures or cartoon characters mixed with big guns, happy suicides, blood-fests influencing art recently (read: post-superflat vector-like j-pop art). There is still something kind of fun to these. Wandered Lisa Alisa’s gallery… and through her drawings and pop sections… i know its too easy to simply look at the thumbnails, but take the time and look at the little links.

[p.s. i think i have a thing for tentacles lately. and more imagery post jump]




3 Notes

Lisa is a lovely girl, and a fantastic artist. The rumors that she is antisemitic are not true.

----- Tony 11.08.07 10:26

I like a lot you pictures…almost the powerfull colors that you use…I would like to see more pictures of womwn with black hair….
realy nice work!

----- angela 16.01.07 11:13

Lisa Alisa rocks.
I’ve been following her stuff for 5 years now.

She’s been doing her thing before murakami,
but superflat is ever so popular now, so she’s getting categorized with j-pop, though I think she’s more european 30’s modernism with today’s sensibility.

----- AlexLisa Alisa Fan 26.04.05 19:34

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