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SHIKA!- 04.02.05

side.jpgI fell in love with the simplicty of this object… and the ideas it brings to mind. “Slant Stacks” are the new visual in my head, the idea of transorming the way things naturally tend to pile on my desk, coffee tables, shelves, and in my car. I like the idea of using simple objects to recreate, or shape a space that they will occupy anyhow.

This is also just a gorgeous piece of wood, given an innovative use, which becomes more pleasing to look at as it is being used. SHIKA! Not to mention mad props to Joey Roth on not only designing but naming this object to make it unforgetable.

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“shika”…as in deer? one of the few things i still remember from japanese. is it deer-like? i’m not quite sure how or why.

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