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Literary DJ’s NEEDED- 05.13.05

penguin.pngGOOD entries needed. This is such a great idea for a contest… Literary audio clips offered for use to brilliant musician/samplers to mix, by the old school publishers Penguin. The clips range from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dracula, the little kids boook Spot (the dog!), some James Bond novels, William Blake poems, Great Gatsby, Time Machine… and so much more.

There is so much potential in such a concept, now we just need to spread the word! To some brilliant intellectual musician types? [no offense to the few entries so far, but they aren’t as exciting as i had hoped… YET]

so how it works: make music. or just listen and rate them. By the end of July its all over. Penguin ReMIXed.

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----- jus 21.05.05 15:15

very cool. =)

----- jus 21.05.05 15:13

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