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Notcot’s Note- 05.16.05

mag_current.jpgSorry for the delays today, and due to a lot of questions lately… this is a quickie on me (well slightly). As for the delay, during a weekend of backpacking i was tech free, so no posts, but much contemplation of the meaning of life [and design].

1 - What am i?
2 - What is Notcot? [see after the jump]
3 - Design week? month? year? [see after the jump]
- …what you should be reading/watching…

1 - First things first, with regards to what i am (many have been asking, few have yet to be answered)… ideally i’m a conceptual designer/theorist focused on the roles/impact of technology on our interactions with environments… practically i am trained with a master’s in interaction/experience design + research experience/interest in HCI/Usability + BA in Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts + a math minor + [with real world experience from graphic design - branding - web - idea marinating - marketing - automotive research - industrial design - business]…

So that’s a quickie to give you an idea where my niche and interests lie, and where my choices may come from. Well, that combined with the large dose of personality you can extract from my posts and playful choices and physical goods… So for the interested, have fun piecing together Notcot… and where it may go.

2 - What is Notcot? An outlet… for ideas, inspiration, and diaglogue. This is where my filtration of obsessions and excitement see if they have what it takes to become something more. First just me, and often with contributions from ShadeElaine and Jermacide… with more contributors coming. We go with our flow, read often, question constantly, and somehow hope this will also help stimulate the minds and ideas of readers.

3 - On DESIGN… With the Milano Salone last month, and NY ICFF this week… and Fast Company’s “Masters of Design” Issue… and many other design annuals popping up, as well some personal situations focusing on the future of design, and its evolving role in our society… Be prepared for a bit of contemplative/theoretical ideas/rants this week.

Also, i went on a magazine binge today. They are theraputic. Today’s image is from Luerzers Archive Cover… more to come on that later… many magazine features/discussions/images will probably be showing up this week in addition to the usual objects of desire.

Reads that massage your design oriented brain:
CPH127 - Design and Innovation
Design Observer
Design Philosophy Papers

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The archive rocks… makes up for all the evils of marketing…

Too bad we in the states never get to see most of those ads.

----- Jackson Stakeman 17.05.05 20:42

Love your flow - very stimulating and a great source for “ideas” that add spice to life, limb and homestead.

----- Douglas T. Cooper MD 16.05.05 17:24

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