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Shaolin-ed.- 05.20.05

shrooms-LGphoto.jpgI feel like i have been Shaolin Shroomed. Really. Anyhow, sorry for the delays/skips in posting this week, i guess most people have started to notice i’m a bit sporatic in the posts. Maybe that’s what makes me different from some of the sites that save up so they have stuff for everyday, you get it when i find it, and am super excited about it. Not much fun any other way. [feel free to differ and tell me, i can pretend to stock up maybe =P ]

Anyhow, braveland had these new awesome designs, and this one felt like the travelling that has kicked my ass from San Diego to Los Angeles to Philly to Hartford and now i’ve just arrived to New Haven (Yale Graduation). So yes, TIRED. But a few cool things that i think may possibly be cool simply b/c i was in such a dazed state, but in case, check them out (i might add pics later)…
ZIP-LINQs!!! Super fun retractable cables of all sorts, light weight, fun to play with, and uber-functional. I picked up a USB for my digicam/ext hd. can’t stop playing with it. so mesmerizing.
ZIP-KORDs!!! Much like the linqs but different. Slightly. I got the sony ericsson charger. Couldn’t resist, saves so much tangled messes.
FOM! TRAVEL FOM! … You know those brookstone started “FOM” pillows that are in lycra and all little foamy pellet lightness inside? Amazingly comforting to smoosh? Well i guess my travels have been too international the last few years, i have failed to notice the brookstones in every airport? (or is this new?) but there are travel FOM, from mini pillows, mini cylindar pillows, those around the neck things, even eye pillows (and furry ones, and animal prints too, yikes!) I was tempted. Maybe on the way back, my neck is killing me. [p.s. and apparently they are so new the whole line isn’t even online yet? and they come in nice travel packaging, and with little airplane keychains on them. reasonable at 20$]

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