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We Make Money Not Art- 05.20.05

robotgentil.jpgNot only being my definition for “design” versus art… We-Make-Money-Not-Art is the site of all sites. It is the biggest inspiration i had through my year of Interaction design Masters, and the singular site that turned me on to reading blogs in the first place (no offense other sites i still love to read). This post should have come a long time ago, but feelin’ nostalgic tonight… Regine has seriously the best collection/archive of interactive/tech projects out there i have found anywhere (and i have spent quite some time doing a TON of research in the field). If she printed an annual each year, i might have to subscribe, just b/c it would be a great reference to have for anyone in the industry.

So just incase (and i’m sure there are very few) there are readers who don’t read We-Make-Money-Not-Art daily. Get to it.

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thanks so so much! the “printed annual” suggestion is a great idea, unfortunately, i’m way too lazy for that.

----- regine 21.05.05 01:15

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