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SORRY!!!- 05.24.05

pure-art2.jpgSwamped the last few days, still in connecticut, my sister graduated summa cum laude, distinction, phi beta kappa, etc etc etc so super proud of her, and been devoting the last few days to her (and selling off all her stuff, and packing, ahhh the end of university… and moving off to grad school)… So minimal energy/time to get to post lately, hope you’ll all forgive me!

Also trying to get the resume/portfolio all revamped with what little bits of energy i have tonight… (yes thats kind of a super mini preview of a page) So the serious new job hunt is ON! Scared to divulge much, but if people are feeling helpful, or want to see, drop me a line… its a work in progress at the moment. [p.s. congrats again to the sis!!!]

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