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Bush Butterflies- 05.25.05

TraceyBushBritishButterflies.jpgThe British Butterflies of Tracey Bush are part of the new acquisitions at the architectural wonder: Yale Center for British Art. These little die cut pinned butterflies change the way you approach entomology and lepidoptera and combine it with the “old” tradition of paper letter writing and stamps and books. There’s something truly touching/confusing/nice about her pieces… and the real thing is worth a look.

Many pictures following. I love the look in old cigar boxes. Nice touch.







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these butterflies are good i like the 3D kind of affect i doing about butterflies in art at chase terrace technology college and i thought i could use some ideas !! x

----- Alex Ennis 18.11.08 09:07

i love her sculptures they are very pretty

----- Anonymous 25.09.07 01:27

i love this work

----- Anonymous 25.09.07 01:26

Today i came home and my 3 year old daughter had made exactly what tracy bush had made she is a true artist and an inspiration to all. My daughter i mean.

Lots of love forever and always in my head


----- Bob 25.09.07 01:25

The butterflies are not die cut.
I love Tracey’s work and she cuts all of the butterflies by hand.

----- Anon 06.09.07 06:57

yet another comment on google ads. apparently you can purchase butterflies by the dozen (or hundred) to spice up your garden party.

they come in “individual release envelopes” or “mass release boxes”. they use them for weddings and other special events. for more info see




but, there may be more sites available in other ads.

also note, butterflies are expensive!

----- jus 25.05.05 23:11

cool!! I especially like the ones cut out from maps!

----- ShadeElaine 25.05.05 23:00

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