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TOHYTO- 05.04.05

SP00.jpgTohyto is one of the many artists that produced limited edition work for Coachella. Among the many tents of music, merch, and food, was the “Coachella Boutique” featuring limited edition artist creations, mostly tee shirt art, but also featuring posters, scarves, a soccer jersey, and a vinyl bag. In addition to the limited edition pieces, their main logo/shirt designs for this year were clean and slightly retro (using a lot of cassette and record imagery, as well as a fun image with the polo players on horses swinging guitars).

Artists featured were Saiman Chow, Upso, Tohyto, Quique Rangel, Chase, Gama-Go, Jon Santos, Tara McPherson, Edoardo Chavarin & Luis Diaz. If people are interested in seeing some of the designs i can scan in the mini catalog. Additionally Super Lucky Cat created a few vintage/de-re-constructed tees from ‘99 Coachella shirts.

The image shown is a variation of the Tohyto shirt i bought (which had the crazy guitar guy in color on a dark grey American Apparel shirt.

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Audio-Graphic design studio that started in 2001 by Juan Pablo Solari, musician and graphic designer ( Buenos Aires //Caracas// Madrid ). Apart of developing individual design projects, it aims at the continuous interchange of ideas between artists with different styles, techniques and platforms.

*YETTA. Vectorial chromatic manoeuvres intervened by different illustrators, designers and musicians wanting to communicate ideas and sensations in a particular way. Pieces that have an application or practical use, but also looking forward to enhance everyone’s sight from an artistic point of view.

Is a platform of continuous creative processes. Open to the experimentation, many projects have been created for both established brands and independent groups.

*YETTA finds its reflection on nature. The design starts at simple organic forms and shapes into the creation of complex spaces but keeping a light design at the same time. The majority of the projects begin on a digital platform, although this is the last part of the creative process in most cases.

*YETTA is currently based in Madrid , developing projects with different design studios and artists from different countries. Also, this site will serve as a universal platform of audiographic interchange and developing of projects altogether.

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