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Yokohama Recycling…- 06.02.05

yokohama.pngOnly a mom could help you realize that what you’re doing is NOTHING to complain about… Mom sent me this link on the new Yokohama recycling initiative… it is truly hardcore in every sense. There are well over 10 categories of waste to be categorized and “put out in semi-transparent bags so that the contents can be quickly and easily verified by the collectors”, and so many specific exceptions to each category [such as in batteries you can not dispose of rechargeables, for that you must visit a recycling support store]… There is also keeping track of how many days a week/month each category is collected, and then a very detailed chart of the various types of Over-sized Garbage Collection and their rates… Electric Organ disposal will cost you 1,500! A computer hard drive a mere 200… weaving loom? 500! Bathroom sink, 1000… Buddhist altar, also 1000. And the section on handling Animal Carcasses… cost for pick up, cost for cremation… You get the point. Intense. The graphic layout of this document is quite interesting as well… see it here.

p.s. Got to love the little garbage bag girl that says “Everyone must do their part”… they even managed to make a bag of garbage look adorable.

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