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Katamari- 06.09.05

kguys.jpgThe new trailer is out! Well more like an insane advert that everyone needs to see… and ShadeElaine and i also went through all the Katamari Offical site downloads, and were quite amused/impressed by the various artsy desktops, as well as the more random pdf files where you can print your own chopstick covers (think chinese restaurant style folded paper)… So a few goodies below… In anticipation for the new game. Looks far too silly and bizarre not to be good. Bizarre pic after…

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haha. that paper model is awesome.

----- jus 10.06.05 20:53

BWahahaha! I love white trash Katamari! Complete with wifebeater and hoochie midriff top!

----- ShadeElaine 10.06.05 15:59

Along the lines of all things Katamari, a Katamari Damacy paper model can be found here:


----- Gnash 10.06.05 10:38

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