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Mazda 110S L10A Brochure- 06.14.05

supercar.jpg It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Supercar!! Tadanori Yokoo delivered this most beautiful example of what auto brochures could be in 1968 to Mazda for their 110S (aka Cosmo).

Imagine the pricing chart — PSYCHEDELIC WONDERLAND PCKG: +$299.99

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Picking Nits -The Brochure was launched with the Cosmo at the 1967 Tokyo Motor Show at Harumi Pier. Along with the Toyota 2000GT - both attracted so much attention that “Other” manufacturers resorted to Topless Dolly Birds to lead “punters to their stands. Wasn’t all that successful though - let’s face it, If you have seen one, then you have seen two!

----- FirstFlushBoomer 08.01.07 06:04


I totally overlooked this before - I *thought* this was a real ad from the sixties.

The site is very cool and kind of trippy. I am not sure what to make of it really.

----- Gnash 15.06.05 18:00

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