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Bionic Dolphin- 06.01.05

bionic-dolphin.jpgVASH (Variable Attitude Submersible Hydrofoil) aka Bionic Dolphin… excerpts from Gizmag

It will soon be sold in watersports stores, enabling adventurers worldwide to experience underwater flight! The Bionic Dolphin was conceived in 1974 by Thomas A. Rowe (Doc to you), though prototype development did not begin until 1988 and the first prototype, “Noland Won” did not make its first historic “flight” until September 7, 1992 at Oak Bottom Marina on Whiskeytown Lake in Northern California. It was, according to Discover Magazine, “the aqueous parallel to the Wright Brothers’ achievement: underwater flight.”

From Aerospace engineering to submersible dolphin contraption… Rowe has come a long way. This arcticle is worth a read, even if only to see more incredible images.

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