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Cavallini- 07.20.05

maps-cava.pngFound one of these “maps” yesterday. Its gorgeous, and has great detailing, when you put it up, the shadowing of the creases of an old map really age it, although its printed on fine Italian paper (and is actually for gift wrap)… but at 4$ it looks great up! Dying to get a hold of the actual product catalog… Anyone have some connections to make that happen? Would love an old antique Milan map replica like that… or who knows what other goodies are available? Cavallini $ Co.

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I’ve seen that wrapping paper at The Paper Source, a (surprise) paper store in Chicago. They have all kinds of very cool wrapping paper ( I bought the london tube map), I’m sure they have a website, I haven’t tried though, being that they’re basicly down the street.

----- Jena 21.07.05 14:58

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