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Glaser - Design Inspiration- 07.14.05

glaser.pngThis is a must see for any designer… The folks of idgrid found this great little video interviewing Milton Glaser, graphic design legend. And it is truly an inspiration to listen to his views on design as a balance between art and business… the role of art in culture to pacify and help create common ground… to “prevent people from killing one another”… And the importance of passion to sustain throughout your lifetime to keep you young and enthusiastic about all the world has to offer… and most importantly to understand the importance of design in our world, and the impact you can have on people… that turning point when a person changes from a blank stare to waking up to an incredible image or sound. Just go watch it. Here.

The La Dolce Vita critique just sucked me in as well… There’s a fascinating approach to their composition… you need to see it to understand… it will surprise and please you. [and for hfriend, sufjan stevens was used for the music!]

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