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Sometimes you feel gimmicky…- 07.14.05

choc-cab112.jpgChocolate + Red Wine… Chocolate ON Red Wine = this? It feels too gimmicky. But it is starting to appeal to my inner cravings as well. Interesting idea Luxist came across… Yum? But not sure how i feel about pour-pour-CHISEL? The choc-cabernet is by Goosecross Cellars from Napa Valley, CA. Here’s Luxist’s cute bit on them:

Chocolate and wine together, absolutely, but in the same bottle? Goosecross Cellars, a small winery in Napa has a unique packaging idea. They take their Goosecross cabernet or merlot and then cover the entire bottle in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate. They deccorate the chocolate with designs, patterns and a label. Then they wrap it up in cellophane, bows and ribbons. The bottle costs $67. Pour a glass and then cut a bit off chocolate off the side—instant dessert.

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