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Metz- 12.16.05

metz.pngOk last one, but i needed to share this last quote from one of the articles i was reading about Ban…

Which brings us back to Ban’s own monument. The new Pompidou Centre in Metz will not be made of paper. Instead it is based on a Chinese hat made from bamboo strips and oiled paper, that he bought in a Paris market six years ago. “I thought it was very architectonic,” he explains. Scaled up, the hat design will form a giant roof woven out of laminated wood and covered in translucent Teflon. The gallery spaces underneath will be enclosed, but the building is essentially a luminous tent separated from the outside only by glass. “I wanted to make a building that’s totally open,” he says, “to make this a gathering place for all the public, not just people who love art. Also, this location, Metz, is very close to Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, it’s almost in the middle of Europe, so it was very important to be open to other countries. That’s why instead of having an object like a box, I designed just a roof.”

Ah, inspiration is truly everywhere. I love reminders like these not to listen to the people who think you are crazy when a simple idea recontextualized can come up with such innovation.

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