*notcot in design , 22:28

Art Therapy- 12.16.05

“BREAKING UP SUCKS AND PEOPLE SUCK AND LIFE SUCKS” — We’ve all been there… and if you haven’t, well, kudos to you, you’re either extremely lucky, or perhaps it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all… but you wouldn’t know.

I’m speechless at these new pieces by Shade Elaine, and when i tried to ask her in that cliche “what would you say about these pieces?”… she gave me “they’re about the opposite extremes in life… finding the good in the bad, the ugly in the beautiful, and the happiness in the pain?” They are brutally honest, and gorgeously delicate. I might need to buy one for my wall, or beg you guys to help me convince her to make tshirts/posters or just to keep making more like them…

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