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NEW TOYS!- 12.31.05

treo.pngBirthday+holiday gift… i have given in and have converted to the gprs/mobile pda world. Unbranded Unlocked GSM Treo 650 with T-mobile Gprs [Actually this will probably benefit people who like me to get im’s and emails immediately and to YOU notcot readers, since with the great camera i can run around taking pics of amusing things while shopping/wandering through my world, and also memos are key. I’m keeping lists in here, so i forget less of the things i want to share!] … things i love about it… camera works great, sd card expansion and ability to play music nicely, great syncing with Mac (from vcards to well just about everything i can come up with so far).

Progs I can’t live without for Palm OS 5-
MissingSync - best sync ever with Mac
Salling Clicker - I loved this with my old Sony Ericsson’s, even more gorgeous with Treo, and now i can use the Treo as my bluetooth trackpad pretty much
Pocket Tunes - with the iTunes 5 Skin, so gorgeous, works beautifully
Treo Alarm - I can’t do without an alarm on my phone to wake me up wherever i may be… this one does it great.
VolumeCare - You need it, it allows you to bump up volume for everything
VILLAGE SIM! - Best game EVER, so cute. You run the village… you click and drag the little guys around and they go “oooooh”. They build huts. You drag boys on girls and they make babies. [note: ok so thats simplified, also works vice versa, and depends on after the embrace whether they actually get along, if so they may “go inside”, then maybe babies happen]
Filez - So you can actually file browse and see where all those installs go
Verichat - Aim/MSN/Yahoo/etc client, you need to subscribe annually since it goes through third party server - verdict’s still out on that

p.s. if you know of other things i need, or some fun hacks, help me out!

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