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Toys Part II- 12.31.05

ROBORAPTOR… another silly holiday gift (yes, an xmas/bday gift, but i’m not exactly all that religious, so holiday gift works?) Designed and engineered by Mark Tilden (NASA background), these brilliantly fun little robot beings are gorgeous to look at, and highly amusing to leave roaming around the house. Chock full of sensors, and ingenious AI never before seen in such an accesible toy for kids/adults alike… it’s fun and technologically changing the level of robotics in toys as we know it. Boyfriend also just got the Robosapien V2, and you can have him fetching balls, grabbing beer cans, and even dancing and delivering pick up lines for you… He also interacts with my Raptor which is pretty sweet. Click the pic to read more, the Roboraptor and Robosapiens have made many “IT toy of the season” lists this year (from fashion mags to techy sites)… WOWWEE.com

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