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Asylum - heed weed- 01.28.06

Been busy trying to find the singapore design/art scene the last few days - and also all these chinese new year happenings… been clubbing and wandering and art showing and meeting some great designers that you will inevitably hear more about here soon…

This pic is from the HEED WEED collaboration show between Yok and Draawer - which occured at Chris Lee’s incredible shop/studio Asylum (checking out their website is a must - its so playfully fun in a doodly sort of style). The show was great - reminded me of much of the Giant Robot events back home… and the store has that great wallpaper i can’t get enough of… not to mention a glass deli style case for the limited edition sneakers over by the register… and one of the most worldly/eclectic music collections for sale i’ve ever seen.

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Yok and Draawer works are really great and the Singapore art scene rocks !

----- david 28.01.06 08:37

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