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Black Hoodies- 01.04.06

Dan Witz’s Hoodie series of street art stickers. This one is for Dayv. There’s just something so iconic about black hoodies, and at the moment i would love nothing more than to escape into the shadows in one… it has that invisibility cloak feeling, that people don’t see you and move away from you when you have that hood up. Your shield from the world.

Witz on the Hoodys “The Hoodys came from a dark period in the early nineties. Drugs, HIV, poverty/despair/danger were like a pall of doom over the lower east side (my neighborhood). The grim reaper hoody posters were inspired by plague attitudes from the middle ages and deer x-ing signs—the way the hi way dept. puts up those yellow diamond with black deer silhouettes as warning signs.”

Also… these street hummingbirds are gorgeous.

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